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Online Safety

Central Region Schools Trust are fully committed to enhancing and expanding our efforts in protecting the students under our care, in strict accordance with the law. We recognise that today's children are growing up in an increasingly intricate and interconnected world, seamlessly navigating both online and offline environments. While this offers countless positive and exciting opportunities, it also exposes them to various challenges and risks. Therefore, we are determined to ensure that our schools equip children with comprehensive knowledge, enabling them to utilise the internet and technology in the safest, most responsible, and respectful manner possible, thus enabling them to fully reap the vast benefits of the online world.  

Central Region Schools Trust aims to:

• have robust processes in place to ensure the online safety of pupils, staff, volunteers and governors.

• deliver an effective approach to online safety, which empowers us to protect and educate the whole school community in its use of technology.

• establish clear mechanisms to identify, intervene and escalate an incident, where appropriate.  


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